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Jennifer etzwiler

Animal Communicator

jennifer etwiler animal communicator

Helping Pets & People

What is your time worth? How much time do you spend frustrated and worried about what you will find when you get home, cleaning up household accidents, or awake at night because your companion animal won’t settle down? What would it be worth to make your life easier?

With my animal communication skills, we can check in with your companion animal and help you create a deeper bond,  increase confidence, and gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on with your companion animal. 

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Energy Healing

I use my own combination of reiki, scalar wave, and theta healing based on how I am intuitively directed during an energy healing session.


Jennifer Etzwiler animal communicator

Animal Communication

I am passionate about making sure your animal companion feels heard. That’s not always what their human thinks they want to hear. It always comes from a place of love. 

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When someone calls me because they are having a problem with their companion animal, it’s never just the companion animal that needs help. Sometimes, all it takes is the tiniest pivot in how we, the humans, see the situation for major improvements. 

jennifer etwiler animal communicator

About Me

Jennifer Etzwiler

Jennifer is a talented and uniquely brilliant animal communicator who focuses on giving a voice to the thoughts and feelings of animals.

20+ Years of Experience

I have been casually talking with animals since my first class in 1997. I’ve been doing it professionally since 2022.


I studied with animal communicators such as Joy Turner, Ashara Morris, and Joan Ranquet & graduated from Communication with All Life University. 

I also studied cognitive coaching with Allyson Roberts of Unapologetic Power.

Best Selling Author and Speaker

I am a best-selling author in the Behind the Power book series. 

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